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I don’t know what drove you here today, but welcome.

My name is Bobby D., I’m from West Georgia, in a small town in Metro-Atlanta.  I create content around the banner of “Whom It May”.

I began creating content, not exactly sure who I wanted to address.  I didn’t have demographic in mind, and I still don’t.  “Whom It May” was how I address the community, that I am learning everyday more and more about, but don’t think I will ever completely know.

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iCitizenNews Whom It May Page


If you’d like to show you support you can share my content with your family/friends/loved ones or you can give at my Patreon Account

I also co-host a show with my brother on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm, The Scattered Smothered Experiment
Show: Scattered Smothered Experiment Every Thursday 7PM EST
Twitter: @SS_ExperimentTwitter



I also manage the iCitizenNews Soundcloud.  There you can find episodes available for listen or download of; The Independent Press Project, Zero Hour with ImMikeRobertson, The Scattered Smothered Experiment, Tech Talk LIVE, and Underground World News LIVE.


I will say that I am most active on Twitter By Far.  You can find many post with #WeAreConcerned Attached

#WeAReConcerned – Twitter Search

The latest Tweets on #WeAReConcerned. Read what people are saying and join the conversation.


Myself, and the rest at, work very hard to try and keep you updated with honest, and up to date material.

We are a community of live streamers, truth seekers, media junkies and news hounds, bound together by a shared core set of values: Love, Truth & Respect. #MuchLove &

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